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Large Sitting Ganesha Statue, Metal Carving



Product Specifications
Size- 9 Inches Height x 7 Inches Length
Material- Brass
Weight- 4.5 Kgs


This Ganesha Brass Statue is amazingly carved and is perfect for home decor, studio or office decor. Lord Ganesha/ Ganpati is the Hindu deity in a human form but with the head of an elephant. He represents the power of the Supreme Being who removes obstacles and ensures success in human endeavors. For this reason, Hindus worship Ganesha first before beginning any religious, spiritual or worldly activity. The physical attributes of Ganesha are themselves rich in symbolism. He is normally shown with one hand in the abhaya pose of protection and refuge and the second holding a sweet (modaka) symbolic of the sweetness of the realized inner self. In the two hands behind him he often holds an ankusha (elephant goad) and a pasha (noose). The noose is to convey that worldly attachments and desires are a noose. The goad is to prod man to the path of righteousness and truth.

Shipping Charges In India $0.00
Shipping Charges For Everywhere Else $35.00
Material Type Statue Brass & Metal
size range N/A

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