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Large Wall Art Metal Sculpture Decor wall hanging collectible Coral Brass India



Dimension :- 21 " inches height x 15" length each

Weight"- 7.7 Kg


A Very Decent and Ethnic Wall Hanging Sculpture of Tribal Musical Band pair. The two tribal Indian musician are showing as playing tribal music during wedding ceremony or at some special occasion. This art hails from Western India. This is Large Wall Sculpture for hanging and completely hand carved.

The pair of two person one who plays tabla that is--- The higher-pitched of the two drums, which is played with the right hand, is also referred to individually as the tabla or as the daya (dahina or dayan, meaning “right”). It is a single-headed drum usually of wood and having the profile of two truncated cones bulging at the centre, the lower portion shorter.The Indian tabla, a two-piece percussion instrument, is the principal rhythmic accompaniment to most North Indian classical (namely khyal) and light music.

And the other who plays vaja that is--- "Among musical instruments, the vaja, on account of its uniformly sustained tone, the piercing character of its quality of tone, and its tolerably distinct combinational tones, is particularly sensitive to inaccuracies of intonation. And as its vibrators also admit of a delicate and durable tuning, it appeared to me peculiarly suitable for experiments on a more perfect system of tones.

This  musical pair always remind us a for a beautiful occassion and also plays a important role to make the time memorable

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Shipping Charges For Everywhere Else $60.00
Material Type Wall Decor Metal

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