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Mahakala Shiva- the Destroyer Wall Mask



This Mahakala Buddha wall hanging mask is unique Indian Tibetan mix art

Product specification:

Size :- 7.5" inches Height & 8" inches Wide


Mahakala is a Protector of all Tibetan Buddhism. Although he may look dangerous, but Mahakala has never been known to harm one being, even in the slightest manner, because he is constantly benefiting beings through the continuous play of the enlightened mind." Mahakalaor Mahakal is one of the many forms of Lord Shiva. Mahakala means "great time". He is regarded as one of the most powerful forces as in the end all things succumb to the forces of the infinite nature of time itself. In the Tantras Mahakala's consort is Kali. Mahakala is able to swallow the whole Universe. A Mahakala is worn by Tibetans to keep evil and bad spirit at bay, and for protection.

This sculpture looks great as a wall hanging on its own, or can be framed for wall decor. There's also a loop carved on the back of this sculpture to easily hang it as a wall decor. You will love the quality of the carvings as well as the remarkably shiny smooth polished and dark stains to reduce chances of cracking. The beautiful fine grain are also clearly visible through the stains to further accentuate this spectacular masterpiece.

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Shipping Charges For Everywhere Else $10.00
Material Type Wall Decor Metal

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