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Medicine Buddha Statue 8" SKU: H8-EFDW-TL40



Product specification: Material : Brass with Coral & Turquoise gemstones Size: 8 inches Height  X  5 inches Wide Weight : 2.2 Kg approx

SKU:H8-EFDW-TL40 | Model: B00MSWA0VW


Enhance the beauty of your home and garden by this graceful vintage reproduction of Medicine Buddha Statue, symbol of peace and harmony. The large Buddha is in Bhumisparsha Mudra (touching earth) and made of very high quality brass with detailed coral and turquoise stones hand work. The practice of 'Medicine Buddha' is a very powerful method for healing yourself and others, and for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, and ignorance. If we rely upon Medicine Buddha with pure faith we shall definitely receive the blessings of these attainments. This is a rare figurine as we can see the Ashtamangala signs on it. Ashtamangala are a sacred suite of Eight Auspicious symbols. In the Buddhist religion, the eight auspicious signs, symbolize the eight-fold path of Buddhist practice, and are commonly found on numerous decorative objects, on temples, and used as good luck symbols. Buy this exclusive Medicine Buddha with Ashtamangala signs before anyone else does!!
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Shipping Charges For Everywhere Else $29.00
Material Type Statue Brass & Metal
size range 8- 11.9 Inches

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