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Reclining Buddha Statue - Handmade Brass sculpture Inlay work



Product specification:

Material : Certified Quality. Made of Brass with Colorful Inlay turquoise handwork

Size: 9 inches Length

Weight: 1.2 Kgs


Intricately handcarved Brass Buddha statue in in Reclining or Sleeping Pose. This statue depicts the Historical Buddha in the last moments of his life on earth. It is said that an alms giver had accidentally given the Buddha pork that had gone bad, and this eventually led to the death of the Buddha. Because the Buddha had gained enlightenment in his lifetime, the Buddha was able to escape the endless cycle of birth – death – rebirth (known as samsara) and was able to enter Nirvana. One of the most well-known examples of this statue is enshrined at Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand, although there are numerous other temples throughout Southeast Asia that house statues in the posture..
Shipping Charges In India $0.00
Shipping Charges For Everywhere Else $10.00
Material Type Statue Brass & Metal
size range 8- 11.9 Inches

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