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Buddha Statue

“The mind is everything. What you think you become” - Lord Buddha

The 9th avatar of Lord Vishnu, the awakened one, the enlightened one are some of the forms Lord Buddha is known to people, but more than anything else he is considered as the preacher of peace and tranquility. Though born in the royal family, he chose the path of renunciation to find the truth of life, and that’s what Lord Buddha stands for. CraftVatika has made an effort to idolize Lord Buddha’s various forms in the form of sculptures and figurines. We have a collection of Lord Buddha’s various forms, whether it is just a brass statue depicting meditating position or laughing Buddha, which is usually considered propitious as per Feng Shui. Lord Buddha said, “Purity and impurity come from within, no one can purify another.” Keeping this quote in mind, we present you a wide range of Lord Buddha statues that will help you create an ambiance of tranquility in-house or workplace. CraftVatika provides you with an option to choose from idols that are few inches in height to a few feet, whittled out of wood and metals these are an excellent blend of peace and embellishments.

8" Gautam Buddha Statue Vitark Mudra Brass Figurine Sculpture, SKU : BBS235
7.5" Large Medicine Buddha Brass Statue Buddhism Tibetan Feng Shui Sculpture, SKU : BTS214
7.5" Blessing Buddha Statue Buddhism Sitting Brass Shakyamuni Tibetan, SKU  : BTS215
10" Hand Carved Wood Meditating Buddha Statue Large, SKU : SK-W7C5-GL8P
6" Brass Buddha statue - Antique finish - Turquoise Inlay Handwork, SKU : JI-1C9K-CRR5
Buddha Vitark Mudra Brass Statue Medicine Sculpture Earth Touching , SKU : BBS239
Brass Earth Touching Buddha Statue Tibetan Religious Fengshui Figurine, SKU : BBS244
Brass Laughing Happy Buddha Statue Buddhism Matriya FengShui Sculpture
Set of 3 Buddha Statue-Medicine ,Blessing,Earth touching Brass Sculpture
 Brass Buddha Pair Statue Tibetan Buddhism Medicine Abhaya Sculpture, Sku: BTS193
7" Chinese Happy Laughing Buddha Statue Fengshui Brass Sculpture , SKU: BCS103
8 Inches Tibetan Brass Buddha Statue Handmade Sculpture
8" Large Asthmangal Buddha Statue Buddhism Sculpture Home Decor, Sku: BTS188
Brass Lotus Seated Medicine Buddha Statue Buddhist Peace Harmony Sculpture, Sku:  BTS183
Beautiful Brass Hand Carving Lotus Sitting Blessing Buddha Statue
Beautiful Brass Hand Carving Lotus Sitting Earth Touching Buddha Statue
8" Brass Asthmangal Buddha Statue with Incredible Hand Carving, Sku: BTS187
10" Large Brass Lotus Sitting Statue Of Buddha Thai Blessing Buddha
 8" Large Brass Turquoise Tibetan Medicine Buddha Statue Idol
 8"Large Brass Blessing Buddha Tibetan Shakyamuni Statue Sculpture
8" Large Brass Medicine Buddha Statue-Buddhism Peace Harmony Sculpture, Sku: BTS180
8" Brass Abahaya Buddha Statue Tibetan Buddhism Shakyamuni Sculpture, Sku : BTS181
10" Large Brass Beautiful Lotus Sitting Medicine Buddha Statue
Large Abhaya Buddha Brass Silver Finish Statue-9", SKu : BTS170
Antique Tibet Sakyamuni Buddhism Bhumisparsha Brass Buddha Statue-8.5"
Indian Handicraft Blue Abhaya Blessing Buddha Brass Sculpture-11"
Antique Finished Tibetan Lotus Sitting Abhaya Buddha Brass Statue-10"
8"Antique Finished Lotus Sitting Abhaya Buddha Brass Statue, Sku: 41-H3A6-UONR
Large Vintage Abhaya Buddha Bronze Statue-9.5"
Large Antique Meditating Buddha Brass Statue-9.5"

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