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Ganesha Statue

Lord Ganesh, the elephant deity is considered to be the Lord of success. He has become one of the most common indicators of Hinduism. The presence of Lord Ganesh in any occasion or house is considered very auspicious, so CraftVatika presents you wide collectibles of Lord Ganesh sculptures, which have been carved out in detail. We have wooden, brass as well as metallic statues of Lord Ganesh. All the idols are embellished keeping in mind all the details that should be present in an ideal statue of Lord Ganesh. We have products that have Lord Ganesh in different mudras like Lord Ganesh riding a Rath, Lord Ganesh lying in the shell, Lord Ganesh statue relaxing on peacock throne, Lord Ganesh with Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati, Lord Ganesh along with Lord Shiv and Lord Parvati, etc. You just have to think about the kind of Lord Ganesh figurine you want, and where you want to place it, we have all the varieties available on board with us and that too which truly embarks Hinduism.

Lord Ganesha Brass Statue Idol - Hindu God Ganesh Ganpati Standing On Snake, SKU : GBS184
Pagdi Ganesh Statue Large Brass Ganesha Sculpture Turquoise Work, SKU : K3-GNG4-M5KQ
Lord Ganesh Idol - Elephant God Brass Statue - Hindu God Sculpture, SKU :  51-RFIK-A3CU
7" Ganesha Statue Wooden Ganesh Sculpture Hindu Elephant God Figurine, SKU : OC-PKL4-1X5L
Laxmi Ganesh Statue Hindu God Goddess Ganesha Brass Turquoise Statue, Sku : LGBS112
Ganesha Brass Statue Hindu God Ganesh Ganpati Sitting Idol Sculpture, GBS174
9'' Brass Ganesha Statue Hindu God Ganpati Idols Ganesh Sculpture, Sku GBS182
Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati Statue Hindu God Goddess Brass Turquoise Statue, Sku : LGTS114
Ganesha Brass Statue Hindu God Ganesh Ganpati Sitting Idol Sculpture Good Luck & Success GBS189
Ganesha idol on chair
11" Turquoise Brass Hindu Good Luck God Long Ear Ganesha Statue Wedding Ganesh Idol Gift GN593
Large Brass Ganesha Ganpati Statue
Large Brass Pagdi Ganesha Statue Hindu God Ganesh Ganpati Puja Idol Gift
Brass Antique Finish Statue of Hindu God Ganesha Tree Ganesh Idol
7" Brass Hindu Good Luck God Ganesha Statue Wedding Ganesh Idol Gift  SKU: GTS175
9" Large Brass Hindu God Of Success Ganesha Shrine Statue Home Temple , SKU: GTS176
Hand Craved Brass Hindu God Jolly Ganesha Statue Taj Ganesha Idol, Sku: GTS173
11" Large Brass Crawling Ganesha Statue Baby Ganesh Sculpture
9" Large Hindu Ganesha Deity Statue Baby Gappu Ganesh Statue
Taj Ganesha Statue Ganesh Hindu Elephant God of success Brass Idol
12" Large Brass Antique Finish Standing Ganesha Ganesh Statue
 15" Brass Antique Finish Panchmukhi Ganesha Five Face Ganesh Statue Idol
12" Brass Antique Finish Dancing Ganesha Statue Hindu God Idols
Hindu God of success Ganesha Brass Statue Temple Offering Sculpture-22"
Sitting On Lotus Ganesh Ganesha Brass Silver Finish Sculpture-8"
Jolly Ganesha Ganesh Brass Turquoise Statue
Hindu Rare God Ganesha Ganesh Brass Statue-4.5", Sku : GTS164
Hindu God Ganesha Conch Design Brass Turquoise Statue-8"
crawling Baby Ganesh Brass turquoise Statue-4"
Hindu God Ganesh Long Ear Ganesha Brass Turquoise Statue-8"

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