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The resolver of problems, the god of strength, the Lord of the nine magics - that is the might of Lord Hanuman. Sculpturing his might and powers in holy texts, Hanuman has been considered as the most loved and ardent devotee of Lord Ram, which is why he is worshiped widely for peace, strength and protection against problems and evils. 

Having Hanuman Statue at home or offices is considered as one of the most auspicious omens for the prosperity of an individual. Apart from being an admirable showpiece and a work of art, Hanuman statue, and idol at home is believed to have undeniable positive effects, protecting the owner or the members of the place from all evils and ill fate.

Some of the most beautifully crafted Hanuman statues and idols such as Panchmukhi Hanuman Statue, Mystical Hanuman in blessing Pose Statue, Divine Wooden Hanuman Statue, etc. are available at Craftvatika. For any struggling individual or family troubled by ill fate or bad events, the Hanuman statues and idols will be beneficial to a great extent.

Hindu strength God Hanuman Brass Turquose Statue -15", Sku : HTS109
Hanuman Monkey God Statue | God of Strength | Standing Hanuman Idol
Vibrant Panchmuki ( Five Face) - Balaji, Hanuman Statue in Brass & Turquoise, SKU :  92-GVO1-M6VU

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