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“One God, Many Forms”

The tradition of worshipping and Pooja marks its roots from the time of evolution. Every culture, religion and caste have a deity depicting its ideology. CraftVatika has made an attempt to present you with collectibles of various idols of other Gods and Goddesses of different religion and culture such as Shirdi Sai Baba statue, Titupati Balaji statue, Saraswati statue, Serpent Statue, Vishnu statue and more. The effort of our craftsmanship can be seen in the meticulously designed sculptures carved out of wood and metal. The idols are available in different sizes, starting from a few inches to a few feet. Our products are designed to match the interiors and exteriors of your house or commercial place, whichever you choose to accommodate the sculptures. Order now to embellish your place.

Ganesha Brass Statue Hindu God Ganesh Ganpati Sitting Idol Sculpture Good Luck & Success GBS189
CraftVatika Large Brass Snake Goddess Nag Kanya Statue Idol Fertility Goddess Mansa Devi Sculpture Patanjali Figurine
Bronze Statue of Shirdi Sai Baba Indian Religious Harmony Statue Gift
11" Large Brass Ramdarbar Statue Hindu Lord Ram Sita Lakshman Hanuman
8.5" Large Brass Lord Shirdi Sai Baba Statue Religious Idols
13" Brass Antique Finish Hindu Goddess Saraswati Statue Idol
Hindu Wealth God Kubera Kuber Brass Statue-5"
Hindu Religious God Kuber Kubera Brass Turquoise Statue-6.5"
Hindu Religious God Narasimha Brass Turquoise Statue-9"
Vishnu with Lakshmi Seated on Garuda Brass Statue-12"
Hindu Goddess Saraswati Sitting on Swan Brass Statue-7"
Hindu Goddess Maa Kali Large Brass Handmade Statue-12"
Saraswati Brass Statue-Goddess of Knowledge Music Art -10.5"
Hindu God Goddess Vishnu Lakshmi Resting On Sheshnag sculpture-5"
Goddess Saraswati Brass Statue-Goddess of Knowledge Music Art
Saraswati Statue Hindu Goddess of Knowledge Brass Sculpture
Lord Lakshmi Vishnu Resting on Sheshnag Brass Statue-7.5"
Antique Hindu God of Wealth Kuber Kubera Brass Statue
Sitting Shirdi Sai Baba Brass Turquoise Statue
Divine Lord Venkateswara- Titupati Balaji Wooden statue- 9"
Spiritual Guru Satya Sai- Shirdi Saibaba Statue in Brass & Turquoise- 10"
Elegant Shirdi Saibaba Statue- Sairam in Brass with Turquoise- 9"
Standing Wooden Goddess of Knowledge & Music Saraswati Statue- 8"
Gorgeous Wooden Maa Saraswati on Swan palying Veena Statue- Goddess of Knowledge- 13"
Shiv Parivar Wooden Statue- Ganesh Parvati Shankar Family Idol- 10.5"
Decorative Snake Kanya Goddess of Snake Mansa Devi Statue- Brass-9"
Beautiful Nataraja- Dancing Shiva Statue- Brass Turquoise- 11"
Meditating Hindu God- Patanjali Yoga- Serpent Statue- Brass Turquoise-8.5"
Large Satyasai Shirdi Sai Baba Meenakari Metal Statue- 15.5"

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