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Radha Krishna statues

“Radharani is an expansion of Krishna; Krishna is the energetic and Radharani is the energy.”

So strong is the relation of Radha and Krishna, that if love can be epitomized then, Radha and Krishna's love is allegorical. Both are considered incomplete without each other, in fact, collective form of Radha – Krishna is considered as a blend of feminine and masculine God. The love of Radha and Krishna is considered as the superlative form of devotion in Vaishnavism. At Craftvatika, we acknowledge this divine love and hence presents you with beautifully designed statues of Radha and Krishna that have been carved out of wood, stone, brass and metal. The Hindu God Idols & statues designed at Craftvaika are designed with perfection, such that it appears as the personification of Radha and Krishna. Our craftsmen have put in all the efforts to provide you the best work. The statues are ideal for temples, Pooja, and commercial space. Radha Krishna Statue is also best to buy as a religious gift, wedding anniversary gift, Janmashtami gift, home décor and more. You are just a call and a ping away to make these beautiful sculptures yours.

 Brass Krishna Statue Hindu Divine Love God Beautiful Sculpture Decor, SKU : KTS105
Krishna statue
 Brass Krishna Statue Hindu Divine Love God Beautiful Sculpture Decor
14" Large Brass Hindu Deity Cow Krishna Statue Hindu God Sculpture
Brass Baby Krishna Statue Handmade Hindu Deity Krishan Antique Sculpture
9" Large Antique Dancing Flute Playing Krishna Statue
11" Brass Antique Finish Hindu God Dancing Krishna Statue Baby Krishan Idol
Hindu Lord Krishna Large Brass Turquoise Statue-29"
Hindu Goddess Radha large Brass Statue Temple Offering Sculpture-29"
Large Radha Krishna Brass Turquoise Statue Temple Sculpture-29"
Large Beautiful Standing Radha Krishna Brass Turquoise Statue-12.5", Sku : RKTS109
Baby Makhan Krishna Sitting on conch Brass Statue-8", Sku : KTS108
Large Standing Krishna Playing Flute Brass Statue-12"
Makhan Baby Krishna  Brass Statue-7"
Sitting Religious Loving couple Radha Krishna Brass-8", Sku: RKTS108
Antique Standing Krishna Brass Statue-9.5"
Dancing Krishna Statue Hindu god Love Divine Joy Brass Sculpture-9.5"
Krishna Brass Statue Flute Playing standing Krishna Sculpture-8"
Large Anitque Standing Nag Krishna Brass Hand Craved Statue-16"
Enchanting Wooden Lord Krishna Murlimanohar on a Lotus Statue- 12"
Spiritual Krishna Brass Statue in Antique Style- 12"
Divine Love Couple Radha Krishna Stone Statue-4.5"
Enchanting Radha Krishna Stone Statue- 6"- Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Radha Krishna Wooden Statue- 10"- Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Magistic handcrafted 13" Wooden Radha Krishna Statue- The symbol of Love
Intricate Wooden Radha Krishna Statue- Janmashtami Gifts and Decor- 10"
Dancing Krishna Statue in Brass and Turquoise- 1.8 Ft
Enchanting Marble Stone Lord Krishna Statue- Handpainted Vrindavan Kanha playing Flute- 13"
Bal Gopal Kanha Baby Krishna Makhan Chor Statue in Brass & Turquoise-7"
Handcarved Wooden Lord Krishna standing on a Lotus Statue- 10"

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