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Shiva statues

Lord Shiva, one of the most important deities of Hinduism and the third arm of the Trimurti. The Trimurti includes the creator, the organizer and the destroyer each represented by Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh respectively. Of these Mahesh or Lord Shiva is the destroyer who maintains the cycle of life. Lord Shiva/Nataraja has both generous form and fearsome form. The marked- out features of Lord Shiva include his third eye on the forehead, a curved moon embellished on matted hair on his head which, also has river Ganga flowing from it, the snake Vasuki swirled around his neck, his trishula which also has a damru. All these iconographic features of Lord Shiva and his various forms like Natraj are available with CraftVatika in the form of statues. These Shiva/Nataraja statues are skillfully designed by us and have everything that makes it look real. Whether you are residing in India or somewhere out, we will deliver you the statues/sculptures of your choice at your doorstep. These figurines of various sizes are available with us in the wooden and metal base Shiva Nataraja statues which are of the best quality. Make them yours at the best price by giving us an opportunity to service you.

7" Kamdhenu Cow Statue Shiva's Nandi Brass Idol Sculpture, SKU : COATS108
Large Shiva Statue Mahakala Shiv Lotus Meditating Pose, SKU : 9R-R89P-FD0T
9.5" Nataraj Lord Dancing Shiva Statue Brass Sculpture Figurine, SKU : SHBS120
Dancing Shiva Nataraja Brass Turquoise Statue-6.5"
Shiva Family Statue Shiva Parwati Ganesha Brass Statue-8" , Sku : SHTS111
Hindu Religious Puja Article Shivling Shiva Lingam Brass Statue-8"
Hindu God Shiva Shivling Design Brass Statue
Religious God Goddess Shiva Parvati Brass Statue
Lord Shiva- Mahadev Shankar Statue in Stone- 6"
Shiva Yogi Statue in Wood- 6"
Shiv Parivar Wooden Statue- Ganesh Parvati Shankar Family Idol- 10.5"
Nandi- Vahanaa or Gatekeepeer of Lord Shiva Statue
Antique Finish Shiva Shankar Head Bust Brass Statue/ Table Top
1 Ft Large Wooden Shankar Shiv Mahadev Statue in Yogi Meditation Pose
Shiv Parivar Brass Statue with Turquoise Inlays- Ganesh Parvati Kartikey Shiva Family Idol, Sku DZ-I1RB-UTUN
Shivling- Shiva Lingam Brass Statue with Shiva Faces- Metal Religious Figurine
Unique Shiva Ganesha Brass statue with Shivling
Shiva Mahadev Nandi Yogi Pose Brass Turquoise Statue
Hindu Lord Shiva Meditating Pose Himalaya Brass Statue
Beautiful Nandi the bull sitting/ Relaxing Statue in Brass with Coral Turquoise Handwork
Nandi the Bull Brass Statue with Turquoise Coral Handwork
Shiva Statue
Large 14" Shivling Shivlingam in brass- Hindu Deity Shiva Statue
Shiva family, Shiv Parivar Statue in Brass with Turquoise and Coral Gemstones
Large Shiva Natraja Statue in Brass and Turquoise
Brass Turquoise Stone Shiva statue
Metal Shiva Natraja statue sculpture
God Shiva Nataraja Statue Turquoise Brass
Large Turquoise Shiva statue

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