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Tibetan Buddha statue, Buddhist meditating Buddha with Coral work



Product specification:
Material : Brass with Turquoise and Coral Gemstones
Size: 6 inches Height


Elegant Shakyamuni Buddha statue in brass with vibrant Turquoise and Coral inlays. Enhance your home and garden by this graceful Buddha Statue- symbol of peace and harmony. The Buddha is draped in an antique turquoise & red robe falling gracefully about his crossed legs. Buddha's left hand facing upward, lies in his lap in Dhyana (meditation) Mudra. His right hand hangs over his knee, fingertips pointing to the ground in Bhumisparsha Mudra. This mudra symbolizes enlightenment, as well as steadfastness as it is associated with subduing the daemon Mara.
Shipping Charges In India $0.00
Shipping Charges For Everywhere Else $25.00
Material Type Statue Brass & Metal
size range 4- 7.9 Inches

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