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Vintage Indian Metal Wall hanging wall art sculpture Buddha statue home decor 3



"Metal Buddha wall haning"

width-7 inches wide ,height---7 inches

 Material : Brass

Weight : 800 Grams


The wall hanging bhuddha gives a ultimate look to your house. according to the astrologer, the sun shape of bhuddha is for good luck ,also gives the feeling of optimistic.because the SUN (GOD) has so many powers.

The Buddha is traditionally regarded as having the Thirty-two Characteristics of a Great Man (Skt. mahāpuruṣa lakṣaṇa). These thirty-two characteristics are also regarded as being present in cakravartin kings as well.He is also known for his wielder of power with great wisdom

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Shipping Charges For Everywhere Else $30.00
Material Type Wall Decor Metal

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